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Dutch singer who gained international recognition (excluding the US, though she tried to break through there too yet failed due to 'communication problems'. 'They made me dress like a slut' --Anouk) in 1997 with her hit single 'Nobody's wife'.

End '97 she released 'Together Alone', an album that wasn't all that bad for a debut album. Some songs got catchy tunes, some got strange blues chords, some were a capella. The musical diversity can probably be explained by the fact that all melody lines were written by other musicians, mostly Golden Earring-members, while she wrote a lot of the lyrics herself.

Two other songs on the album became major hits, 'Sacrifice' and 'It's so hard'. Anouk and her band toured for two and a half years, got health problems and took a break. The break resulted in the album 'Urban Solitude', with the hit single 'Michel' (released in June 2000), Anouk's sung letter to her (ex)boyfriend Michel, also a band member.

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