Anthony (Tony) Robbins was born on February 29, 1960. Standing at 6'7" he might just be the tallest ten year old on the planet.

Tony is an author, motivational speaker, peak perfomance coach and more recently, a movie star. He conducts live seminars throughout the world where he has people do things like walk on fire and leap from the top of telegraph poles.

He's also coached people like Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Bill Clinton and Andre Aggasi as well as NHL and NBL teams and individual sportspeople.

Tony employs his own version of NLP which he has termed Neuro-Assosciative Conditioning, or NAC. It's essentially the same thing.

Tony's seminars include the following:

  • UPW or Unleash the Power Within: A four day seminar, including the firewalk. This is designed to give people a taste of Tony's work, and hopefully convince them to step up for:
  • Date With Destiny: A six day seminar dealing with transforming values, beliefs and relationships.
  • Wealth Mastery: A four day seminar devoted to the mastery of all things financial.
  • Life Mastery: A five day seminar, held on Tony's Fijian resort Namale. This seminar is devoted to creating optimum health and vitality, as well as mastering relationships and finances again. This seminar has guest speakers including General Norman Schwarzkopf, Dr John Gray and Stu Mittleman.
  • Leadership Mastery: Consists of training in the tools and skills that Tony uses and the development of leadership skills.

His audio program, "Personal Power" is the highest-selling personal and professional development system ever. You've probably seen his infomercial for these on television late at night.

His website is

In response to metalangel's writeup below, I'll just say that going to one (or more) of Tony's events will either change your life, or it wont. It's been my experience that most people are highly skeptical and negative about anyone or anything like this. It's my hallucination that it might just be because they are scared to admit that there is something missing at the deepest part of their being that aches to be filled. Tony can help you find it, but only if you're willing to search...

I once worked security at one of his little 'shows' at Wembley Arena. It was absolutely packed, and I was there for three out of the four days the program ran for.

A lot of idiots with too much money (it's not cheap, you see) sat and listened to him shout truisms at them, and then he'd go and jump into his tour bus full of money while a pre-recorded video of his speeches was shown on a huge projection TV. Nothing he said was particularly unconventional or thought-provoking, so we didn't so much say, "Gosh, what a really unique perspective and original, creative viewpoint he has!", as, "Well, duh".

During the intervals, desks were laid out absolutely covered in his various tapes, books and other gobbledegook, at vastly inflated prices. All the patrons would return to their homes or hotels in BMWs, Lexuses, Mercs and Audis, while I'd struggle to catch the last tube, or, heaven forbid, a night bus home (through Harlesden no less). A fool and his money are soon parted. And Anthony Robbins had an entire arena full of them.

My personal highlights, standing there as I was in a flourescent green shirt and a radio extender, was his 'hug the person next to you' bit where all these rich yuppies grabbed the people next to them. Once crazed woman, unable to find a fellow audience member, grabbed wildly at my shoulder, but I was able to escape.

I also started talking to one of the, shall I say, roadies, volunteers who follow Anthony around and help him out. This guy was convinced of Robbins' preachings, that you should only drink a tiny bit of milk a day because too much calcium will overwhelm your system. For his birthday, his daughter (who was also working as a volunteer) got him - get ready for it - a three week trip to Fiji - for an Anthony Robbins course!

On the final day he also played a lot of meditation music (off a Ministry of Sound Chillout Album probably) and we had the entire arena blacked out for an hour, filled with people lying in the aisles and slumped in their seats in total silence. This, you see, is his technique to tear them apart, break their self esteem to bits, and then build them back up again.

And of course, the firewalk. I opted to stay inside rather than go out and watch them walk, but the following week I was at the rear gate letting trucks in and out for the Tina Turner gig. The guard booth was filled with bottles of lighter fluid and an immense crate of his unsold Powertalk tapes. To this day I wish I'd taken the tapes home and sold 'em on eBay.

I could've been rich, I tells ya! Those tapes go for a fortune, and it was well over £1000 for the five day course, most likely a lot more (around £1800, I can't remember) - the other staff and I were dumbfounded at how much these people had spent, it was easily more than we'd earn in 6 weeks of working almost every day. We calculated he was taking home about £3.5mil with him, PROFIT.

He is the real life embodiment of the hateful consultants you see in Dilbert.

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