Tomorrow I am going to look at a condo. It's at the very top of what the bank approved me for before I purchased a car, so now I have some decisions to make. Initially I passed on the place thinking I couldn't afford it, then I started looking at places to rent, and suddenly it became a better idea. I figure it is free to look, and every time I see another place, I get more information about what I want, and what I'm trying to avoid. This place seems very bright and sunny which is high on my list of requirements. It's not too far from my mom, my sister, my aunt who lives across town, and would move me somewhat closer to work as far as miles go, but the drive would probably be about the same since I wouldn't be living as close to the freeway as I do now. Another thing I am contemplating is just staying where I am at for another year because there are a lot of great things about living there even though my desire and preference would be to move. 

Lots more on my mind, but it is getting late, and I need a good night's sleep. Still not sure how I made it through this day, but I survived...



P.S. A neighbor of mine told me he loves my new car. Another one asked if they were playing the TV too loud and then told me that my children are still slamming the door. Would have more empathy for this guy had he not let his caretakers sit outside on his patio and let all of their second hand smoke drift up into my place. I will talk to the girls again, but he has no idea how much worse things could be. Praying I never get old and crabby like that, for years my children lived in a house that needed a new front door so you had to pretty much slam it to make sure it was actually closed. Just goes to show that money truly can't buy happiness...


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