I guess the title sums it up pretty good but I'll explain. I work as a computer programmer and I changed jobs a few months ago. The new place is a small company that contains a software department of about 10 programmers. There are lots of other people, doing other things. The programmers live on the second floor of the building and its pretty nice. (other than the pidgeons that fly into my window every few days)

But in the mens bathroom there are about 10 copies of Victoria's Secret Catalog. Different months, seasons, plenty of variety. And the stack seems to be growing. They are just piled next to the toilet along with copies of Microsoft magazines and Doctor Dobb's Journal. I find it a little unsettling. Not because I don't like naked women but because it seems too masculine. I feel slightly put off by the whole subject, like I don't fit in with the rest of the team here.

When possible customers come to visit, or other software consultants come to the office they invariably use the restroom. And I wonder what kind of impression that leaves. I can accept that I am just too sensitive but losing customers is a different matter altogether.

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