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So last night's dream involved a lot of running around and dark caverns and secret passages and rising waters, and I've lost most of it, but what I remember is this:

The last part had me and my dad trying to exit out the front door of the building, and -- oh no, my passport's expired! The guy guarding the door is wearing a Nazi SS uniform, so he must be strict. So I have to go and get my passport re-stamped with my own blood as ink, and then I run out of the doors and show it to the door guard, who is then getting on the bus. He does not seems especially interested now. So I go back in and decide to leave the building by a different exit, one of the lesser-known and more annoying ones.

And that is the last part of the dream I remember.

In the light of morning I realize that the entire situation was absurd. Why was everyone being kept in the building until they could show a passport? Why was the guy wearing a Nazi outfit? Why was he the only one blocking the exit? And maybe he was just pretending to be a guard, because by the time I had done as I was told, he was actively abandoning his post. I walked out the door and told him I had my passport fixed. And yet, every one of us was going along with this passport bullshit, including the people who helped me update my passport quickly. Like, they had official stamps ready for that task.

I guess if I had to ascribe any meaning to the dream, it would be that the people in charge only matter if we let them, because they might just be imposters -- yet even if they aren't, there's no point in continuing to follow the orders of someone who has abandoned their duties.

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