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A Swedish cartoon "Arne Duck" made by Charlie Christensson
(who used the pseudonym AlexanderBarks!).
One can most easily summarize Arne as
a permanently broke, alcoholic, tit-fixated
amateur philosopher.
Arne has become extremely popular in the entire
As other great cartoon authors, Mr. Christensen has
decided to quit the cartoon while it was at its best.
The worst opposite example is probably Garfield.
Disney was suprisingly very displeased with
the similarities with Donald Duck - as Arne looks
more than just a bit like him (and the Swedish
character is called Anders Ånka) - but had manners
quite unsuited for the poor brat to lay their eyes on.
For this reason, Arne once wore a wooden beak
and Disney had to drop the matter. For some views of Arne, check eg.
http://www.ryp.umu.se/~97cl/arne.htm , where Arne can be seen saying
"To think before you speak is like wiping your
a*s before taking a sh*t"

(it's a bit less censored in the Swedish version)

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