The name of a large general insurance company in the United States. It's main office is located in San Diego, California, but they branch off into almost all other states, including but not limited to: New York, Louisiana, Arizona, Florida, Alabama, and Indiana. Their main office in San Diego is located in the Wyndham Emerald Plaza (the building with the green lights on top!) in downtown on the 14th through 16th floors.

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Also, the name of Herman Melville's estate in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where he wrote Moby Dick, considered one of the greatest works of modern literature. While at Arrowhead, he also penned three other novels; Pierre, The Confidence-Man, and Israel Potter.

Serving Duluth, Superior, Minneapolis, and intermediate points

Amtrak train numbers: 761/763 and 766

Predecessor railroad train numbers: Great Northern 19 and 20 (Gopher), 23 and 24 (Badger)

The Arrowhead was one of Amtrak's first state-supported trains, beginning service April 15, 1975. Initially, it only ran from Superior to Minneapolis, but was extended to Duluth later.

The train was extended to Chicago on an overnight schedule and renamed the North Star in 1978.

Condensed historical timetables:

   READ DOWN                          READ UP
(1956)  (1975)                    (1975)  (1956)
 8:00A   ----- Dp Duluth       Ar  -----   7:45P
 8:15A   7:45A    Superior         9:55P   7:30P
11:30A  10:35A Ar Minneapolis  Dp  7:05P   5:00P

The Amtrak Train Names Project

Ar"row*head` (#), n.


The head of an arrow.

2. Bot.

An aquatic plant of the genus Sagittaria, esp. S. sagittifolia, -- named from the shape of the leaves.


© Webster 1913.

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