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Look closely! Two dark shapes can be seen outlined against the night sky! Colossal City's mightiest heroes, the enigmatic, ectoplasmic Purple Wraith, and the virtuous and virile Power Surge patrol the night, ready to protect the weak and defend the innocent. The Purple Wraith, scanning the multitude of minds of the metropolis, seeks out the mental machinations of those who would do evil. Power Surge, using his telescopic vision, methodically focuses his unerring eyes of justice over the dark dangerous streets of the sleeping city. The two heroes settle in at the top of Colossal City's tallest building. All is quiet.

The Purple Wraith softly whistles a haunting tune. Power Surge turns to him and says—

"What's that?"

"Where? Do you see danger?"

"No, no. What's that you're whistling?"

"Oh, that's my theme song. Just before I pounce from the shadows on evil-doers, they hear my theme. Strikes fear in their hearts."

"It's nice."


"Does it have words?"

"Nah. The melody says it all. Do you have a theme?"

"No, but if I did, it'd have words."


It would be something like that Queen song."

"What Queen song?"

"You know, it'd go something like—BOOMBOOM CLAP—BOOMBOOM CLAP—Pow-wer Surge will ROCK YOU!"

"That might work."

"You like it?"

"It'll cost you, though."

"What do you mean?"

"Licensing. You gotta pay royalties to Queen for using their melody."

"It's not the same, though. Not exactly."

"Close enough. You want a lawsuit?"

"Hell, no."

"Well, try to come up with something original. See you again tomorrow night?"

"I'll be here."

"All right, see you then."

The next night the crime-fighting duo once again meet at their lofty post high above the city. The Purple Wraith regards Power Surge, who has a smug look on his face.

"Did you come up with something?" asks the Wraith. "For a theme?"

"Yeah. You ever heard of Meatloaf?"

"The singer? The big fat guy?"

"That's him. Well, there's this guy, Jim Steinman, who wrote all his stuff, you know? He's his musical director. I'm working with him on something."



"Must be expensive, working with a guy like that."

"Oh, he's big time. Real professional."

The two remain quiet as they turn their attention back to the job of protecting the city. Again the Wraith speaks—

"So, what's it sound like?"

"Well, it's not done yet. It's gonna be awesome, though. It's gonna have strings and horns, chick singers, really bombastic."

"That sounds about right. Jim Steinman, huh?"


"Jim Steinman? No fucking way."

"Well, I got his phone number. He's in LA! It was hard to get! I am gonna call him!"

Again they turn back to their vigil of justice.

Under his breathe, the Wraith mutters, "Liar . . ."

Power Surge snaps.

"Yeah, well FUCK you and your stupid theme! I don't need a theme! I'm Power Surge and I've got telescopic vision and the strength of one hundred ordinary men, and if you don't shut up I'll pound your ectoplasmic ass into atoms, you got me?"

"OK, OK, OK. Sorry. Sheesh."

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