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A colorful modern-day Ninja, who (apperantly) used to be a member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society. Ashida Kim has written a number of books about his past adventures, as well as informative books pertaining to Ninjitsu practice and philosophy. One of these, "Secrets of the Ninja", reads like a modern day terrorism field-handbook (meditation and philosophy appear next to step-by-step tutorials describing how to circumvent barbed-wire, kill sentries, and disarm people wielding firearms. There are also many interesting psuedo-scientific discussions of light, shadow, and perception). Many of the books appear to contain explicit violence and sexuality.

Ashida Kim claims that Paladin Press, Carol Publishing Group, and Kensington Publishing have stolen his book "Secrets of the Ninja", and so he offers it free for download on his website (in pdf format). I am unable to comment on the veracity of his claims, but they sound plausible (to me anyway).

Ashida Kim maintains a "shitlist" on his website, where he persuades the reader to boycott the above-mentioned publishers, in addition to Amazon.com for participating in the alleged theft of his intellectual property.

Ashida Kim also has extended a "10,000 dollar challenge", wherein he invites his critics and skeptics to fight him. If beaten, he will pay 10,000 dollars to the challenger, although he requires that the challenger post a 25,000 bond to insure against the fighter backing out and wasting his time. The challenger must also sign a waiver releasing Ashida Kim from responsibility in case of injury, maiming, or death resulting from the fight.

Ashida Kim's website is www.ashidakim.com, and it's proliferation is reaching memehood. It's interesting, give it a look.

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