An interesting little arcade adventure game for Commodore 64. Published in 1986 by Melbourne House, developed at Beam Software by people behind the names A. Davie, R. Pentecost and R. Comte. (Information from C64 Game Guide at

The game had somewhat ugly but very recognizable graphics and appropriate music. The game was based on different screens that had scenery taken from the Asterix comic books. It appeared on screen piece by piece.

The plot of the game couldn't be simpler: Asterix and Obelix go to find pieces of a magic cauldron. (I am sure there was more complicated story behind this game, but I never had the manual. But since finding the pieces is all you need to do, that's what the plot can be said to boil down to.)

The scenery represented various locations familiar to readers of the Asterix books: the famed gaulish rebel village, Rome, dungeons, gladiator arena, and such.

And what would be an Asterix game without lots of fighting! Upon discovering things or being run into a hostile being, the game switches to a "fight window". Things can be picked up, nasties (everything from gigantic gladiators and Roman legionnaires to wild boars) can be knocked out - with or without the help of the magic potion!

The game was pretty interesting, even though it was somewhat hard. I never succeeded in finding all of the pieces...

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