There are people who keep you at Arms length
as if their own gravitational pull can be overridden
with a wave or poor eye contact
It rarely works for me.

Others draw you in and spin you around
so many circles:
circle of friends, circle of apartments
an intimate orbit of perfume and music,
I always remember their faces under a lamp or bathed in sunlight

Lovers do not cross paths,
they move in circles
sometimes overlapping, sometimes polar opposites.

bumping into each other's moons and stars


thanks for more than a little help-The Debutante

At*trac"tion sphere.

1. (Zoöl.)


The central mass of the aster in mitotic cell division; centrosphere.

(b) Less often,

the mass of archoplasm left by the aster in the resting cell.

2. (Bot.)

A small body situated on or near the nucleus in the cells of some of the lower plants, consisting of two centrospheres containing centrosomes. It exercises an important function in mitosis.


© Webster 1913

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