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The X-files

Episode: 2X12
First aired:01/06/95
Written by: Sara Charno
Directed by: Rob Bowman

Kinda a scary episode. Very cool.

B.J. Morrow tells her boss, whom she was having an affair with, that she is pregant with his kid. Later, she finds herself in a dark, deserted field, digging up the body of an FBI agent who had ben missing since 1942.

The FBI agent, before his dissaperance in 1942, had been involved in investigating a serial killer who carved 'sister' in the chests of female victims. The killer was never caught.

Scully talks to B.J, who tells Scully that she is pregnant and she doesn't know how she found the body. Scully examines the body and finds scars on the ribs. The markings turn out to be the word 'brother' carved in the ribs. Tillman, B.J.'s boss, tells Scully and Mulder that there was a recent homicide with similar markings.

B.J. finds Harry Cokely in old mug shots. Cokely had been convicted of raping a woman and carving 'sister' on her, in 1945. Mulder and Scully visit Cokely (now 77 years old), he is feeble and on an oxygen machine. They ask him about the murders but he sneers at them and tell them he can hardly leave the house anymore.

That night, B.J., wakes suddenly. She is soaked in blood and finds 'sister' carved on her chest. She sees Cokely in a vision and finds herself in a private house ripping up the floor boards in the basement, reveling the bones of the FBI agent's missing partner. It turns out to be a house that Cokely had rented 50 years ago.

Mulder and Scully visit the woman who was raped by Cokely about 50 years ago. She admits to having a baby but putting it up for adoption. Mulder feels that Cokely's relative is responsible for the killings, that Cokely's killer genetic memory was passed on. However, it turns out that B.J. is Cokely's granddaughter.

Mulder realizes that B.J. will try to finnish what Cokely didn't. B.J. goes after her grandmother but stops from killing her when she sees 'sister' carved on her chest. So B.J. goes after Cokely. Mulder finds him slashed up but is attacked by B.J. who holds a razor to his throat before Scully comes. B.J. drops the weapon as Cokely dies.

Scully says B.J.'s pregnancy may have been the trigger for her transformation. B.J. is now being held on suicide watch after trying to abort her unborn child.

Important Quotes:
Scully -- "I guess that's why we're going to Aubrey."
Mulder -- "Yes, and also I've always been intrigued by women named B.J"

Scully -- "It's obvious BJ and Tillman are having an affair."
Mulder -- "How do you know?"
Scully -- "A woman senses these things."
Mulder (scoffs) -- "Aw ... pshaw."

Mulder -- "You mean a hunch?"
Scully -- "Yeah, something like that."
Mulder -- "Well, that's a pretty extreme hunch."
Scully -- "I seem to recall you having some pretty extreme hunches."
Mulder (grinning) -- "I never have."

Mulder -- "Well, on a basic cellular level, we're the sum total of all our ancestors' biological matter. But what if more than biological traits get passed down from generation to generation? What if I like sunflower seeds because I'm genetically predisposed to liking them?"

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