v. to involuntarily take samples of the local geology, usually with one's face, during a crash. See face plant.

From the Dictionary of Mountain Bike Slang

One can assume that the mountain biking term comes from the aviation community where "Auger In" also means to crash... usually after a spin (hence the name).

A drain auger or snake is a mechanical tool for unclogging drains. They consist of a long spring tipped with a point which is fed down the drain and then wound into the obstruction. Off-the-shelf models come in two varieties (whose names I have fabricated):

The spring coils up into a circular container when not in use. The crank is usually on the top of this container and the spring feeds out through the bottom. These are neat, general-purpose, and come in significant lengths.
The spring is straight and slides back and forth through a pipe. These are primarily designed for short distances via drain traps. In particular, toliets.

The most popular professional models are manufactured by Roto-Rooter Corporation. They even make electic augers. Their name is close to synonymous with the device itself.

Au"ger (?), n. [OE. augoure, nauger, AS. nafegar, fr. nafu, nafa, nave of a wheel + gar spear, and therefore meaning properly and originally a nave-bore. See Nave (of a wheel) and 2d Gore, n.]


A carpenter's tool for boring holes larger than those bored by a gimlet. It has a handle placed crosswise by which it is turned with both hands. A pod auger is one with a straight channel or groove, like the half of a bean pod. A screw auger has a twisted blade, by the spiral groove of which the chips are discharge.


An instrument for boring or perforating soils or rocks, for determining the quality of soils, or the nature of the rocks or strata upon which they lie, and for obtaining water.

Auger bit, a bit with a cutting edge or blade like that of an anger.


© Webster 1913.

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