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mission drive within everything
The No More Anonymous Downvoting Society vs. The Federal Downvote /msg Protection Program
Theoretical Computer Science, Distributed Systems, Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Analytic Philosophy, Unix, Palm Pilots
Trent University
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Axis and Allies
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"Interesting user search, all this tech stuff and then throwing shit at lunch like five year olds... mesmerizing... keep throwing the oddball in there, keeps em honest..."

- TheDeadGuy

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It isn't much for sitting in, but the feng shui is fucking incredible
Most Used Knowledge
How to crack an egg with one hand
Most Meditative Node
punk rock breasts
Things to Try
The E2 Drinking Game
catting weird things to /dev/audio/
Bong Shui
How to beat the system in Monopoly
how to have sex with a dolphin
How to get women naked?
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Q codes
Ideas I Like
Conservation Of History
all good electronics fear abandonment
School of Information Analysis of Everything
Gawthorpe's theory of conversational gravity
the guide to pursuing a fellow engineer
Things That Make Me Laugh
what happens if my mom finds e2
Fuck you, Jared!
Things I Would Like to Experience
girls who look like pixies
Do you agree with Jared?
The Perfect Screwdriver
A Portrait of a Serial Killer as a Young Man
Things That Make Me Think
Things that I learned about college, long after I graduated
Favourite Toaster
If the RAND Corporation Made Toasters
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HOWTO: Kill Zombies
How to properly assemble a combat insertion team
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Slut Manifesto
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The best Slashdot Troll I ever read
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You are not the literary genius you think you are
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Most Attractive Noder Whom I Can Be Sure I Have

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