mauler, you are pie. (but am totally shy/embarassed up in here) (but that's ok)

More!!!? These have no content or could use a better job:

sweet lord in heaven PLEASE msg me if you fill one of these topics, from the following list or the one on my scratchpad. It's too big for my brain & I have no idea what's on the list anymore.

apple cider - sweet, now redirects to cider, which has been well-covered (thanks!)
Canadian Tire
carrier pigeon - DONE!
crossing the streams
David Kahn - bio?
Dr. Demento
Farrelly brothers (is there a better title? maybe not, as this is how they’re commonly referred to... ?)
Grayanotoxin has a great story but we could also use a straight-up definition, description of effects, sources, etc.
Guinea Worm Disease - covered at dracunculiasis, thanks
hula hoop
Irving Rosenthal
Jansky noise- er. I've been informed this doesn't exist. So what isn't it? answered! please see galactic noise, also empty.
Mojave 3
quauhxicalli - what the fuck. The “see also” gives a hint as to what’s going on here, but I’d like to see some real content about this word, imaginary or not.
rack, as in “the rack,” but should probably just go under “rack.” Unless it’s covered elsewhere. But if so I can’t find it.
Ron Rivest
Ruben Chelo is very brief and filled with all kinds of errors and goofy English
Salon - the existing wu on the magazine is basically an obit & could use an update as Salon is still around.
Serious Sam (game)
Soledad O'Brien
Steven Levy - something more than just a list of books authored (though if you included that, we could get rid of those two very low-content wus)
Thomas Carew
tribal house
Vesna Vulovic
Whitwell Elwin
Williard Scott ...i'm a moron. but Willard Scott, though spelled correctly, is not the most thorough of bios, if anybody felt like looking it up. A goofy dude to be sure, but I think he may have done more than jump around in clown shoes.

Estas sooonn...
Las mañaniiiiitas...
Que cantaaaaaba...
El rey David.
Al muchacho bonito ...
Se las cantamos así

Hello, again, e2. I've only been gone for a month, but it felt like ages. Missed you lots, and thanks for all congratulations. :-)

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