This Quest is now closed!

Thanks to all who participated. We got some really awesome new content, so be sure to check out the submissions listed below!

Not everyone knows this, but jessicapierce is one of the hardest working editors on this site. She has spent thousands of hours typing in node IDs one number at a time to make sure as many nodes as possible are up to current standards. She has helped countless new users adapt to E2’s culture and conventions. She has tracked down hundreds of plagiarized writeups. She has set a high standard of excellence for other editors with her dedication, kindness, and calm, quiet wisdom. It is not an overstatement to say that she has probably done more to improve the content on this site in the past three years than all other editors combined.

Another thing Jessica has done for the site is compile a massive list of nodes which need writeups on her scratch pad and in daylogs. I feel that it is high time we said thank you to her for her tireless work here by giving her a gift I think she would appreciate most—improving the site that she loves so much by filling some of these nodes. Jessica has never asked for thanks. She would probably not have approved of this Quest if I had asked her about it ahead of time. But I know she would really appreciate seeing some well-written, informative, and interesting writeups filling up those nodeshells she spent all that time collecting.

So those of us that Jessica has helped over the years, let us take this opportunity to thank her by filling one of those nodes.

For the rest, take this as a chance to get some XP, showcase your writing skills, and help make E2 more awesome, just like any other quest.

Here’s how it works:

  • Find a nodeshell on jessicapierce’s scratchpad or in one of her recent daylogs and fill it. Send a message to me (mauler) with the name of the node you have filled and where you found it (scratch pad or daylog).

  • All submitted writeups will be listed in this node, below.

  • Each passible writeup will receive 25 XP.

  • Each decent writeup will receive 50 XP.

  • Each good writeup will receive 100 XP.

  • Each great writeup will receive 200 XP.

  • Each ridiculously awesome writeup will receive 300 XP.

  • Each plagiarized writeup, will be promptly deleted. In honor of jessicapierce.

  • This Quest runs from now until 00:00 server time, August 16th.

Happy noding!

Please note: although I am an administrator here, this is not an "official" Everything2 quest, as it has not been cleared with the other administrators in the usual fashion. It is entirely my own project.

Quest Entries

(newest on top)

  1. Balaclava by SharQ
  2. container gardening by iamkaym
  3. flat tire by wrinkly
  4. spare tire by wrinkly
  5. America's Most Wanted by Jack
  6. beekeeper by filoraene
  7. supermodel by mad girls love song
  8. fishing rod by Chase
  9. chipmunk by Bitriot
  10. dress rehearsal by apathy42
  11. den mother by apathy42
  12. contraception by The Debutante
  13. so far by Kalon
  14. life cycle by Bitriot
  15. Baby oil by filoraene
  16. sex sells by SyntaxVorlon
  17. Tropic of Cancer by filoraene
  18. Tropic of Capricorn by filoraene
  19. Blood Test by Thydron
  20. left-wing by tricia mcmillan
  21. billfold by SyntaxVorlon
  22. The Contents Of Lincoln's Pockets by Jack
  23. Prince Charming by Danneeness
  24. autumnal equinox by Bitriot
  25. college loan by apathy42
  26. fashionista by LaggedyAnne
  27. love handles by doyle
  28. breakfast in bed by TheLady
  29. flash paper by The Custodian
  30. wristwatch by Danneeness
  31. apple cider by karma debt
  32. interpretive dance by golFUR
  33. Page 3 girl by Rancid_Pickle
  34. bacitracin by doyle
  35. coulomb force by filoraene
  36. steel mill by sloebertje
  37. chalk outline by Andrew Aguecheek
  38. also-ran by Rancid_Pickle
  39. yum by Rancid_Pickle
  40. leather jacket by The Custodian
  41. questionnaire by SyntaxVorlon
  42. used car by drinkypoo
  43. activation energy by filoraene
  44. science fiction convention by Transitional Man
  45. food court by SyntaxVorlon
  46. take a leak by drinkypoo
  47. honey intoxication by eien_meru
  48. Speak softly and carry a big stick by drinkypoo
  49. sadist by drinkypoo
  50. pulchritudinous by drinkypoo
  51. mocktail by drinkypoo
  52. airport security by hapax
  53. Call Waiting by drinkypoo
  54. Baby Got Back by drinkypoo
  55. Pop art by nocodeforparanoia
  56. carrier pigeon by borgo
  57. angst by filoraene
  58. cave-in by SyntaxVorlon
  59. trash can by Major General Panic
  60. Mathematical Beauty by Wntrmute
  61. petahertz by Major General Panic
  62. washtub bass by XWiz
  63. Chicken Kiev by Nemosyn
  64. Caramel Apple by Danneeness
  65. catalysis by filoraene
  66. Mark of the Beast by hapax
  67. potato soup by Nemosyn

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