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Happy Birthday to H.P. Lovecraft, born on this day in 1890.

I haven't been able to spare much time for writing. I just can't bring myself to write when I should be packing. What I've been doing, however, late in the evening, just before going to bed, is adding to my list of Books I Have Owned. I started building up this gigantic database several months back of all the books I've owned (and sometimes, books I haven't owned but read in school libraries when I was a kid). I've been compiling the list from a combination of looking through my current bookshelves, reviewing books I have on GoodReads and LibraryThing, and just suddenly remembering a book I read 15 years ago and shoehorning it into the list. It's divided into three parts: regular books, graphic novels, and RPGs. For the past week or so, I've been adding five or six books every evening, nearly all of them from books I have on my Kindle or stored on my computer. It's not really a proper replacement for doing some serious writing, but I do enjoy watching the list slowly grow a bit larger every day. 

We had a slow start this morning -- the rains rattling on the windows overnight kept us asleep longer than we'd planned. We boxed up some more stuff around the house during the morning, and there's been plenty of stuff to make me even more nervous about the move. We have to figure out a good way to transport the pictures and electronics. My dad wants to fill up my car with stuff I'd planned on having put into storage, so worrying about whether I'll be able to get even my suitcase into the car is making me thoroughly anxious. 

We took a break at mid-morning to get some supplies at the grocery store and eat at a local restaurant. My mom hadn't wanted to go along, but I insisted she had to come -- she has a better eye for what we need in the house during the short term than my dad or I do. 

After that, the folks concentrated on boxing up photos and artwork, while I focused on not doing as much as I should have, and on hyperventilating about how far we still have to go and how fast we're running out of boxes and padding material. 

I'd really like to go to the Denton Square. It's been a comforting activity for the last few years. I really want to go visit the bookstore. And I have several people I won't get to see again, and I'd really like to tell them good-bye. But I also think it's more important to work on getting the house packed up. So fun must wait.

There are some things I may have to wait 'til later to take care of. I can't pack clothing 'til after I've done laundry. I don't want to take the computer apart 'til Monday evening. This is all going to get crazier and more stressful the closer we get to the deadline on Tuesday morning. 

I've now packed all of my books except for my Kindle -- and the book I'm reading on my Kindle ain't all that great. I've read some really excellent superhero fiction -- which is why I like to write it -- but lately, it seems like everything I read is a superhero soap opera parody. On the other hand, I'm not really ready to dive into horror novels yet. So light and fluffy it is -- at least 'til I make one final visit to the local bookstore and comics shop before I leave town...

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