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There are times in life when you feel particularly awesome.

Things seem to be going right at every turn.

Relationships seem to be going your way.

Your friends and family seem to generally approve of your choices.

And best of all, you're having fun.

There are times that you feel particularly misery.

Everything is going wrong.

You are failing classes or oversleeping and showing up late to work.

And your friends always look at you with pity and worry.

And sometimes I wonder

which side of the spectrum is the right one to live by.

Life is too short not to try to have fun.

Life is too hard to ignore the stress and depression all the time.

Life isn't too complex to work on both.

I believe in making time for fun and friends.

I believe in alone time and self- or group therapy to deal with problems.

I believe in looking for a healthy balance.

Because without having fun, you're wasting your time,

and without dealing with your problems, you set yourself up to fall.

I believe decisions for overall well-being.

I try to live in the middle of the spectrum.

And I have to admit...

I have plenty of fun along the way...

And I'm pretty happy with myself on the whole.

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