I am familiar with what the law has to say about you and your activities. I am not concerned.

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Swilling, psychiatrist who is possessed by the dark spirit of Friend Behr (Berhardt Goats). I am fine. How are you?

I would like to come to your house to help you celebrate any life milestones you may have reached lately. I will sit quietly in the back of the room. You will put up with it. Thank you for your service.

These are my meaty jonballs. They come in packages of twelve. You could look into this. It is the sort of thing you will DIG. You will definitely DIG it. Freak. Small-testicled freak. Ugh. How do you even look at yourself in the mirror WITH THOSE BALLS??? Jesus. I don't even know what to say any longer. Not to you. Freak. Small-testicled freak.

So, I am thinking about setting up a very SANE psychiatrist office where I can CARE FOR PATIENTS WITHOUT KILLING THEM ALL THE TIME. I think I can accomplish this with guidance from Friend Behr. Growing up, I always had that little girl Cheryl who lived in the neighborhood and spread her legs for EVERYONE (it NEVER failed) to look after my accounts BACK IN THE DAY. You could learn a lot from a fish sandwich.

You know what I think? I think your parents were SCREWING in the toilet at the BALL GAME and there was toilet seat semen from PREVIOUS VISITORS on the seat and they were SQUIRMING AROUND and what happened next was you. Pitiful. Get a grip. Can you imagine how MUCH befouled DNA is crawling THROUGHOUT YOUR FILTHY BODY? Ugh.

Not appealing. Definitely not appealing. No. I can't imagine what some of you people's bathrooms look like.

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Swilling. Wicked appealing medical practice. OPEN FOR BUSINESS RIGHT FUCKING NOW CALL ME FOR APPT. Operators are standing by. I sometimes advertise on buses BECAUSE I AM SERIOUS ABOUT PSYCHIATRIC BUSINESS.

I would like to victimize you with PUNISHING BLOWS on 90% of your body. You will leave MENTAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT in traction. You better believe it, asshole.

My anger RAGES OUT OF CONTROL due to being POSSESSED. You would feel the same. You are WEAK like me. WEAK I SAY! YOU ARE WEAK!!!

We need an UPRISING! Bring on the dancing ponies! And the little lassies from Topeka! Meow! Mr. Spock! Tight buns! Gotta love you. GIT AFTER IT BOODY.

SO much going on in MY MIND and MY BODY. SO MUCH IS HAPPENING TO ME. It is like fresh butter is being made inside of me and it has already gone bad before even having a chance to sit on a TOAST PIECE, OF.

There are references for much of the factual information in this writeup. I will post this at the bottom of the page FOR REFERENCE. In case you doubt my FACTS which cannot be disputed. Facts CANNOT be disputed. It just isn't done.

I think most of that has been straightened out to your satisfaction. How satisfied do you feel right now? On a scale of 1-10? Tell me about it ON THE PHONE WHICH YOU WILL USE TO CALL ME FOR APPT TODAY FOR PSYCHCHIATRIST NEEDS.

Medically yours,

Dr. Peter Swilling

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