One mother of a sandwich. A meal in itself, the Aussie Burger is a challenge just to fit into your mouth. I assume they actually have these things down under. According to a recipe I found:

Aussie Burger

I had this sandwich in a diner near the Denver airport. I have not been able to find it anywhere else in the US, but I'd gladly order it again if I did. It was among the best burgers I've ever had. Of course, it didn't hurt that I had just been subsisting on Spreadables in the wilderness of Philmont for 10 days prior to eating it.

Zerotime says: We do have them in Australia, but they're normally in a damper roll, without the pineapple, the egg, and two slices of beetroot. And nobody ever eats them because they're a horrible cultural joke played on the rest of the world, or something. :)

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