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Specialization is for insects. -Robert Heinlein
Superstition is bad luck.
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Dream Log: June 30, 2004
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Sometimes I dream of flying,
   and how easy it can be.
Sometimes I dream of running,
   with my stride so long, so free.
Sometimes I dream of swimming,
   breathing oceans sweet as air.
Sometimes I dream of falling,
   and I land without a care.


I never dream of loving
   someone deep down in my heart.
I never dream of being praised
   for my greatest work of art.
I never dream of doing
   something never yet been done.
I never dream of finishing
   all those things that I've begun.


If there's something I desire,
   I must find it while awake.
And to celebrate my fantasies
   would surely be mistake.
This life is hard, but dreams are cheap.
The things I want the most in life don't visit me in sleep.

I'm a 27-year old male geek, and am now working as a software engineer in the Baltimore area for a CAD software company. I graduated in 2003 as a Computer Science major from the University of Rochester, in Rochester, NY.  My primary area of expertise is computers, but I'm fascinated by basically anything and I like to pretend I know something about everything. I guess this makes me more than just a computer geek.

/me owes it all to the 3Suns C! Club: c c c c c c C c c c c c c c c c c c C c C! c c c C! c c c c c c c! c c c c c c ...


My Zen theme is called Eye-Eze, and is inspired by those green-tinged steno notebooks. I wanted something that was good for reading lots of small text with, not too repulsive, and appearing somewhat work-related in case somebody happens to walk by my office.  Works best with the font Fontin installed.

The EKW scheme is: ekw_alinkcolor="blue"; ekw_bgcolor="#FAFFF0"; ekw_headingfont="Fontin,DejaVu Sans,Verdana,sans-serif"; ekw_linkcolor="green"; ekw_logoaccenttext="#F0FFF0"; ekw_logobackground="#a0d2a0"; ekw_logoborder="black"; ekw_logofont="Fontin,Tahoma,Serif"; ekw_logofontsize="18pt"; ekw_logomaintext="black"; ekw_monofont="DejaVu Sans Mono,Courier,monospace"; ekw_monofontsize="10pt"; ekw_oddrowcolor="#a0d2a0"; ekw_textcolor="black"; ekw_textfont="Fontin,DejaVu Sans,Verdana,sans-serif"; ekw_textfontsize="10pt"; ekw_vlinkcolor="black";