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A number one can dial and be told what the phone number of the line you are calling on is.

Extremely useful in phone installations, but also greatly abused by fone phreaks. As a result, these numbers are generally kept secret, although your local phreak knows it anyway.

Listen carefully when your local telco man does a phone install and you are likely to hear him dialing ANI- remember those DTMF tones, and you can use it too. The numbers are generally local to each area.

A service feature for people that are connected to their central office by a digital trunk. Commonly used by large companies and 800/888/900 number services. This service is similar to caller ID, but often used for billing purposes. Data packets are sent between the CO and the subscriber with the caller's phone number. ANI 2 also contains information about the type of subscriber the caller is(ie: POTS, pay phone, PBX, prison/inmate service, cellular, etc.) ANI subscribers often receive monthly statements of calls they recieved that month.

Often confused with Automatic Number Announcement Circuit.

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