Scientists have discovered that some of Antarctica's female penguins prostitute themselves to obtain stones to make their nests.

These antartic Lot Wizards will do anything to get some rocks, Quite literally. Penguins use rocks to shield their nests from the eternal winter. Females of the species will often times "Hand over the goods" for a rock or two from a willing male.

Dr. Llyod Davis, the scientist credidted with this revealing discovery stated that males delivering the stones get a "quickie" of sorts for their troubles, although they are often tricked by the females, who like to play with their little birdie minds.

"They give all the signals that they are going to court with the male, and most often times they will simply pick up the stones and run off, take the money and run, if you like." Davis asserted.

Like it or not, we humans are not the only species who can degrade ourselves for a price. Not only can these swimming birds perform our oldest profession, they can't be arrested for doing so.


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