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Science fiction story by Samuel R. Delany about a future in which a breed of neutered and genetically-engineered humans have been created to deal with the rigors of space travel. The Spacers' original sex cannot be determined; Delaney doesn't tell us what their bodily modifications specifically entail, but from the comments of several characters we know that they have no recognizably human genitalia. They are bereft of sexual desire and view ordinary humans with mocking contempt.

Not despite, but because of this lack of desire and an inability to consummate a relationship with a human, a form of sexual deviance has arisen among humans focusing on the unattainable Spacers. The Spacers exploit these "Frelks" (short for "free-fall-sexual-displacement-complex"), demanding money in exchange for unnatural unions from which they remain completely aloof.

"Aye, and Gomorrah" won the 1967 Nebula award for Best Short Story. Its title remains one of my favorite titles for anything, ever.

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