Type: Pitch Modulation
Original Date Of Manufacture: 1999
Inputs/Outputs: 2/2

  • Delay Time
  • Speed/Balance
  • Harmonist Key
  • Pitch
  • Mode (explained below)
Special Features: Dual inputs for guitar and expression pedal, dual outputs for stereo amplifier setups.


The PS-5 is one of the newest from BOSS, a direct descendant from both the PS-3 and the HR-2 effects. This pedal provides many excellent pitch shifting and diatonic harmony effects in a very small package. Any of the built-in effects can be mixed with the direct guitar signal in any proportion using the Balance control. The optional expression pedal input can vary the amount of shift up to the maximum set by the pitch knob (either up *or* down)

Modes of operation:

  • Pitch Shifter: Provides static pitch adjustment based on the pitch knob from the original signal.
  • Harmonist: Provides actual diatonic harmony based on the key and pitch knobs from the original signal in realtime.
  • Detune: Offers slight fine tuning up to about a quarter-step up or down from the original note, based on the pitch setting.
  • Tremolo Arm: Simulates the sound of a tremolo or "whammy bar" sound on a guitar, using the speed and pitch knobs as guidance.
  • Flutter: Gives the effect of a slight vibrato of all notes, typically used in Hawaiian and surf style music.

This effect is very versatile. When setting the balance knob to use the full wet signal only, one can use the expression pedal and the pitch shifting up an octave or two to simulate the Whammy sounds of a certain Digitech processor..

Information gathered from personal experience.

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