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  • 1/2 shot Bailey's Irish Cream
  • 1/2 shot Kahlua (or Tia Maria)

    Half fill a shot glass with Kahlua. Hold a teaspoon over the shot glass and pour the Baileys over the back of the spoon. Et voila - a small shot that looks like a teeny-tiny Guinness. Well, not really, but they taste damn nice.

    The joy of this drink is that it's not made with real alcohol, so any shandy-lifting pansy can enjoy it. Be warned though - it can result in the same degree of Carpet Mouth as real Guinness the next morning.

  • Sounds supicously like a Quick Fuck.

    1/3 Kahlua
    1/3 Midori
    1/3 Bailey's

    Fill your shot glass with the Kahlua first then the Midori, the slowly pour the Bailey's Irish Cream over the back of a spoon so it floats on top.

    Now that looks like a real Guinness.

    A warning though, these aren't quick bliss like the name suggests. They are highly addictive and the quickest way to coma.

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