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A tiny village on the Discworld, which the wizard Drum Billet visits at the beginning of Equal Rites just before visiting Death.

In Illuminatus! and miscellaneous other Robert Anton Wilson works, Bad Ass is a township and a county in Texas. It is the backward, racist, far-right-wing asshole of America. (To the rest of the world, Wilson says, America looks the way Bad Ass County does to New York intellectuals.) The roads to Bad Ass Township are littered with the bones of civil rights workers, and for smoking dope you get locked in a cell with an ass rapist assassin.

The sheriff of Bad Ass County is Jim Cartwright, an agent of the Bavarian Illuminati and/or the Legion of Dynamic Discordia.

- one of the more slamming jungle tracks ever produced. By Aphrodite and Mickey Finn.

A nice steady roller beat trucks along in a nice mix of the ragga and jump-up styles. Bad Ass features mock cool talk - "there ain't shit that goes down in the hood - unless we say so", and a stuttering, heavily produced repetition of the title. The bassline quavers, loops and moves along nicely.

Fortunately, it all seems to be tongue in cheek. Not that all of my friends have cottoned on to this. Bad Ass is featured in many many jungle mixes. A good choice would be Freaky Flow's Tits mix CD.

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