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- a legendary Toronto jungle DJ. Works in a warm roller/jump-up style that is uplifting and heavily hip-hop influenced. His scratching is among the best in the business, intense, but never annoying. Probably the most sucessful of the Toronto scene DJs - has played in Tokyo and London to strong response. Flow has succeeded in getting guest tracks from hip-hop MC's like Choclair, something not too many other jungle DJs have managed.

Freaky Flow pretty much always works with MC Flipside, who works with the hip hop style pretty heavily. Unlike some jungle MCs, he's usually actually saying something, not just repeating catchphrases at high speed.

Among the famous UK DJs, Flow's style is probably best comapred to Kenny Ken, what with the hip hop influence and strong beats, but never straying into the darkside vein. Don't take him for another Dieselboy- Flow is far better than that. Check out his Tits or Ass mix CDs on the Obscene Underground label for a taste of one of the best DJs out there.

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