A new and fairly controversial fad that's been around since Compuserve days. The idea is to go into a chat room and lie about being an underage girl or something (a/s/l). Usually you put it in your profile. Usually someone will IM you asking to cyber. Most of the time the baiters target pedophiles.

According to baiting.org:
"Baiting" is the act of enticing particular groups of people (such as pedophiles or religious freaks) to send you Instant Messages out of the blue, at which point you manipulate or torment them in such a way to create a humorous log.

How did baiting get started?
The origin of baiting goes back over a year, to the days of ICQ dominance. Unlike now, Sven and Dirk spent most of their waking hours online, chatting with various individuals instead of actually working or accomplishing anything of importance. 99.9% of the time they would only receive messages from individuals they knew, although occasionally some weirdo would send a message thinking they were someone else. This wouldn't have meant anything if it wasn't for the fact that Dirk constantly received messages from strange Egyptians asking for cybersex. Turns out that the information in his user profile, namely "I'm a 12 year old girl who likes to have sex with older guys" and an address listed as being in Bumfuck, Egypt, was being located in random searches by these weird fucks, who would then proceed to believe it and message Dirk accordingly. After months of this, something snapped in Sven's brain, tempting himlike a nubile pre-teen offering the Apple of (Carnal) Knowledge to try this with the (now as-good-as-ICQ) AOL Instant Messenger. Viola!


Some say it's bad, disgusting, perverted, but the idea is that they IMed you first, sorta like the entrapment laws.

It's usually humorous to read, or it's fun to laugh at pedophiles as they "get caught" or whatever.

I'd reccomend visiting www.baiting.org for IM logs, FAQs and lessons and howtos.

I'd also reccomend Cybersex gone wrong.

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