Here's a band name generator I wrote in Python a year or two ago, just to make a point about how silly J-pop band names are. Keep in mind that I am not a programmer, so this code sucks.

The program requires a file called elements.txt, which contains a carriage return deliminated list of random words. I used a collection of about 100 funny and not-so-funny words found in actual J-pop artist/band names, but you could just as easily use any other word list.

generate=1000    # this is how many names to generate...
namefile=open('elements.txt', 'r')
name=['music']   # this is a list that will store the read elements...
                 # this can read whatever band element you want it to
# The file input function puts an extra /n/ on for carriage returns,
# so we have to cut it off while reading from the file (hence the [:-1])
# The routine stops when it reads an "EOF" from the file, or, in this
# case, an "EO" (since the names are sliced at the end)
while x<>1:
        if nameinput=='EO':
while a<generate:
	if words<2:
		print name[int(random.random()*len(name))], name[int(random.random()*len(name))]
	elif words>2.5:
		print name[int(random.random()*len(name))]
		print name[int(random.random()*len(name))], 'and', name[int(random.random()*len(name))]
The output looked kinda like this:

Python 2.2a2 (#22, Aug 22 2001, 01:24:03) [MSC 32 bit (Intel)] on win32
Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
IDLE 0.8 -- press F1 for help
yuki and hikaru
children double
brand shibuya
shojo ash
koyanagi speed

The QBASIC Rap Group Name Generator
from Communist Russia

This is a band name generator created by me and my friends in high school to entertain us. We used QBASIC because it adds to the whole ghetto theme. It creates random names from the words in the DATA lines. It's a lot funnier if you listened to rap music between 1997 and 1999 and also if you imagine someone actually wanting to name their bands like this. We would pretend that we lived in communist Russia (in the future) and if people wanted to make a band then the government computer assigns them a band name. We would generate one name and pretend that's the one we had to stick with for the rest of our lives.


it = 4
DIM x$(it, 300)
i = 1
Make = 0
Make = Make + 1
              READ x$(Make, i)
              IF x$(Make, i) = "End" THEN 20
              i = i + 1
LOOP UNTIL Make = it

        DATA Crazy,Sexy,Cool,In Da,Mad,Phat,Phatness,Style,Stylish
        DATA Japanese,Dr.,Sir,Silkk,Captain,Mister,Heavy,Krayze
        DATA All About,Str8 Up,Total,Drama,Bomb,Ill,M.C.,No Limit,Bad
        DATA Killa,Army,Leaky,Stupid,Brainless,Happy,Attractive,Hairless
        DATA Hairy,Priceless,40 oz.,Bust,Freaky,Phat,Pizapah,Tony,Missy
        DATA Wild,Trumpeting,Amish,Friendly,Plastic,Mack,Rubber,Blind
        DATA Deaf,Mute,Quadroplegic,Fiesty,Shifting,Chocolate Covered
        DATA Leaping,Challenged,Slow,Crazy,Noisy,Funky,Gay,Moronic
        DATA Snoop Doggy,Playah,Blood,Crip,Ol Skool,R&B,Ammo,Colt 45
        DATA Malt Liquah,Fancy,Vicious,Fast,Playboy,Tight
        DATA Mad,Thuggin',D.J.,Playgirl,Hatin',Bustin',Lovin',Scrilla
        DATA Tizight,Bizotch,Tempting,Trinkeling,All Up in Da,Tasty
        DATA Fiesta,Sexy,Booty,Hard,Shop Rekkin',Brave,Tru 2 Da,Evil
        DATA Mean,Unusual,Bad,Charge It 2 Da,Swedish,Valiant,Retarded
        DATA Weak,Hella,Confused,Make 'em Say,Bored,French Dip
        DATA Wars,A Lot,Battles,House,Army,Guns,Ammo,Colt 45,Barretta
        DATA Shhh,Unghhhh,Mack,Britta,Scrilla,Cash,Green,Frogs
        DATA Lizards,Snakes,Toads,Bears,Llammas,Prunes,Ants,Reptiles
        DATA Crips,Bloods,Quik,Clue,Love,Red Alert,Party,Booty,Brothahs
        DATA Playa,Pimp,Fiend,Game,Bomb,Squad,IllMasta,Sistahs
        DATA Tizightness,Dank,Bombs,Mothas,Momz,Dadz,Boyz,In Da Hood
        DATA Soldiers,Bustahs,M.C.'s,Haters,Lovahs,Creepahs,G-Ride
        DATA Alan Glass,Playboys,Playgirls,Playcousins,From Da Back,Black Person
        DATA Ray Hartske,Dogg,Catz,Killahs,Bad Boy,Crew,Hoes,Beatz
        DATA Funk,Noyz,Homeboyz,Murderahs,Misdemeanors,Felonies,Toni Tone
        DATA Bones,Thugs,Chia Pets,Rams,Stallions,Kiwis,Cookies,Bulls
        DATA Mules,Dogs,Cows,Cats,Ghetto,Fabulous,Cowboy,Creamy,Attack
        DATA Mob,Gangsta,Gang Bangin',Gang Bangers,Off Da Street
        DATA In Compton,Representin',From Da Bronx,Greg Goessling,2Live
        DATA Horse & Carriage,Lock Down,In Da Slammah,On Lockdown
        DATA E-Z Street,And My Hommies,Gangked,Goodie,G-Love,Rowdy
        DATA Bout it Bout it,Let's Ride,Captain,Runnin',Playin',Fruity
        DATA Zestful,In Da Hood,In Da Hood,Hip Hop,Hip Hop,From Da Back
        DATA Weed,Doja,Sex,Sexual,Drunk,Tipsy,Smoked Out,40 oz.,Endo
        DATA Hittin' That Blunt
        DATA Give Me Some of That,Guzzlin',Got the Hook Up,Give Me Some of that
        DATA End
20 INPUT "How many to generate?", thatmany

FOR one = 1 TO thatmany

        it2 = INT(RND * it) + 2
        IF it2 > it THEN it = 2
        FOR Make = 1 TO it2
                x = INT(RND(1) * (i - 1)) + 1
                PRINT x$(1, x); "  ";
        NEXT Make
NEXT one

Sample Output:

Give me some of that Fiesta Fancy Playa M.C.
Wars Prunes Deaf
Hard Unusual G-Ride
Vicious Haters
Str8 Up Let's Ride
Sex Mad
Beatz Rubber
Green Tipsy Playgirl
Dr. Hoes
40 oz. Confused
Tony Leaping
Snakes Valiant Wars
M.C. Dogg Gang Bangin'
Brave Mean
Shop Rekkin' Pimp
All Up in Da Happy

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