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Bank Pool is a pocket billiards game that many gamblers and professional players often play, although in more recent times One Pocket seems to be more favored.

In Bank Pool the balls must be banked into the pocket using one or more rails (except on the break). A standard 15 ball rack is used. You may shoot at any ball on the table, but you must call the ball and the pocket prior to making the shot.

A player continues with his inning so long as he makes legal shots. Balls not legally made are spotted and if a foul was committed the player must spot an additional ball from those he previously sank, or owe the table a ball (to be spotted immediately after the end of the inning in which he is first able).

The first player to sink 8 balls wins the game.

Normally the break in this game is played as a safety so that the opponent is not left an open shot but may be forced to leave the breaker a shot. If the breaker makes a ball on the break (even if it doesn't hit any rails) they get to shoot again and the balls made on the break are spotted when his inning is over.

Alternate Rules (for quicker games): 9 balls are racked into a standard diamond. The breaker gets to shoot again if he pockets a ball on the break. Any balls made on the break are spotted after the breakers turn is over. Players alternate after missed shots as in the longer game and the first player to make 5 balls wins the game.

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