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Barbara Feldon played 99 in Get Smart (1965-1970). I don't think she's remembered for anything else. She came over as very smart, pun not actually intended until I'd started writing it, and in fact in 1957 won the $64000 on that quiz show. Her special subject was Shakespeare.

She was born Barbara Hall on 12 March 1941* in Butler, PA, and graduated in fine arts (whatever that is) from the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1955, which can't be right, why I am typing this?, you can't graduate anywhere at the age of 14... can you?

Before "Get Smart" she became quite well known as a Revlon model, advertising Tiger Brass hair lotion, lying on a tigerskin rug, though not... no, I'm sorry, 99 fans, cute as she was, there are probably very few clips of teenage tigerskin nudity floating around.

She was also in Fitzwilly (1967) with Dick Van Dyke (stop sniggering). Since the show she has had a long and successful career... erm... doing voiceovers in commercials and appearing in the odd naff remake of the show, and... hang on, I'll just see if I can find another website... Lots of TV movies since, none of which she wants to be reminded of...

Um. The prize money she invested in an art gallery. She married her art gallery partner Lucien Feldon in 1958; they were later divorced. She invested in stocks... um... she's a vegetarian. Wonderful cheekbones, astonishing cheekbones, have you noticed? Appeared in an episode of "Cheers". And "Laugh In".

* Thank you generic-man for telling me IMDb has a much more believable date of 1932.

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