That number which mysteriously appears at the end of every price tag in order to make things sound less expensive than they are, because hey, everyone knows that 19.99 isn't 20!

Also the number of Maxwell Smart's Partner on Get Smart. She actually solved most of the cases while Max took most of the credit. The Penny to his Inspector Gadget (which was based on Get Smart in the first place....)

The number used by Wayne Gretzky when he played in the NHL (and WHA). It is now a retired number league-wide, and cannot be used by any players in the future. It is thought, however, if one of his children makes it to the NHL that the league will allow him (or her) to use the number.

Other players have tried wearing 99 during the same time period as Wayne Gretzky (Wilf Paiement being one of them) but have quickly changed to another number because of it's association to Gretzky.

Because of Wayne Gretzky's international fame and popularity, most fans of the sport of hockey will immediately be able to identify the wearer of 99, or tell you what number Wayne Gretzky wore throughout his career.

Wayne Gretzky (according to stories) chose the number 99 as a tribute to his favourite hockey player, Gordie Howe, who wore number 9. Since Gretzky's adoption of the double digit number, many other NHL players have adopted double digit numbers when joining the league (or switching teams/numbers): Mario Lemieux (66), Eric Lindros (88), Paul Coffey (77), Rob Brown (44), Larry Murphy (55).

British ice cream model. Consists of a wafer cone with vanilla ice cream and a flake of chocolate. The name probably has something to do with the original price, but it should be noted that a decent-sized 99 might cost up to £1.50 in central London.
The KLF mentions this type of ice cream repeatedly.
Make mine a 99!
In Get Smart, Agent 99 was played by Barbara Feldon.
99's real name has always been something of a controversy. In the episode "99 Loses CONTROL", she leaves CONTROL and tells 86 that her name is Susan Hilton. However, at the end of the episode, 99 states that Susan Hilton was a fake name.
British ice cream normally bought from an ice cream van.
Consists of a wafer cornet, whipped ice cream and a Cadbury's flake on the top.
Note that it is whipped ice cream rather than the scooped variety that is used otherwise you wouldn`t be able to get the flake in without it breaking into pieces.
Margaret Thatcher was apparently one of the inventors of this type of ice cream which is basically normal ice cream pumped full of air. This means that you can charge the same price for half the ice cream.
I'm not sure where the name 99 comes from but it certainly isn't from the price since I remember buying these in the 1970s when they cost less than 10p each.

99 is an unofficial amateur radio morse code abbreviation, modeled after 73, 88, 55, 33 et. al. It means, roughly, go to hell or get lost. Luckily, it has seen little use.

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