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The cosmic placenta of Grant Morrison's The Invisibles, hiding behind the moon and awaiting its chance to assist in human transcendence. At the moment of eschaton, it is ruptured by human contact.

Barbelith soothes several characters in the book at the moment of their death or general high stress with these words: Try to remember...it's only a game.

Put more plainly, Barbelith is represented in The Invisibles by a big red circle that turns green when it thinks you're ready to enter the Invisible College. (Said college being a liminal space between this universe and its evil twin, not something you enroll in.) Sort of a traffic signal of the gods. As the series rolls on, Invisibles author Morrison makes it more and more clear, in part through typography and caption-styling, that Barbelith itself has many more speaking parts in the series than was first evident. Characters in the book tend to see it when they have some sort of radical satori, although certain adepts like King Mob seem to be able to travel to its space at will.

Barbelith is also a web site (barbelith.com, natch) wherein the entire run of The Invisibles has been annotated and (sort of) explained in the subsection entitled The Bomb. The front matter of Barbelith includes editorials and links related to the worldview that Grant Morrison espouses in the book, and occasional features on other comic artists whose work is vaguely related. The Bomb subsection features all sorts of enlightened riffing and rambling on every nuance of virtually every page of the comic series. It can greatly improve one's comprehension and appreciation of the work, except when it leaves you more confused than when you started.

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