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Hi guys. This is my very first submission. Weak, I know. But, what the hell!

I realise that most assumptions are foolish. Both for the assumer and the assumed. However, I'm putting myself out on a limb and assuming that most enjoy eating...and in this instance, chicken.Years ago, upon having spread my wings and flown the comforts and security of home, I realised that taking girls out to eat was an extremely costly excercise. Not that I was, or am miserly. But hell, just how long did relationships last in those wild and woolly days? Not too long. So, having to spend hard to come by bucks to feed a lady for say, two or three outings, was a waste.

Therefore, I began to cook for my invited ladies at my tiny rented room, cum kitchenette, cum lounge/bedroom. The rest is history!

The following, I'd like to share with you and I call it, "Aphrodizzy Chicken.'

Use (chicken portions). Amounts vary according to demand. Trim fat off thighs. Skin and debone the breasts.

Place in a large mixing bowl. Add dark,thick soya sauce. (Enough to generously coat.) Add ground black pepper. Plenty of brown sugar. Peri-peri sauce...tobasco or chili is similar. Dash of lime juice. Marinate for at least 2 hours, turning it over periodically.

I use a Weber barbeque.

Over very hot coals, sear and seal the pieces. As they blacken, pick them up with tongs and dip the pieces into the marinade and place back on the grille. Barbie the breasts (Which have been divided in half, to make them thinner) fairly quickly, so as not to dry them out. 3/4 done is OK, as they will sit in the warmer.

Take the pieces off and leave in the marinade until the coals turn grey and have cooled down somewhat.

Place the removed skin in the centre of the grill...the pieces around the perimeter of the barbie...put the lid on, with the vent open a 1/4 of an inch. Leave for approximately 45 minutes. The resultant smoke from the skin & fat gives the chicken a smokey flavour.

Naturally, time will hone your skill at acquiring your own particular tastes regarding the different volumes of the ingredients. In any case, recipes are meant to be amended and fiddled with by the person doing the cooking...so play around by adding in some of your own favourite spices and herbs. Remember, the heat & flames, drive off a lot of the burn in the chili. So, don't be afraid if you think you have been heavy handed.

I more often than not, place the left over marinade in a saucepan and thicken it on the stove with a dash of orange juice and chutney...then pour over the grilled chicken before serving. It's great with potato salad, french salad, three bean salad and pickled beetroot salad. You will never be satisfied with chicken on the barbie done any other way!

Bon appetit...it's been my pleasure to share.

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