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1969. My brother's return from a failed kibbutz mission in Israel. He was from an easy, domestic maid provided, cosy home and found difficulty in rousing himself at 5am to feed fucking chickens. On the bones of his arse and desperately wanting to leave Israel, he got embroiled in a hair brained scheme, where for a ridiculously low sum of $100...an air ticket from Tel Aviv to Montreal...a ticket from Montreal to Johannesburg, meaning an escape back home...he was duct taped, neck to waist, with high grade hashish. As per the "Midnight Express"movie, he and three friends, were to be relieved of their 'cargo' in Montreal.

Evidently, just prior to boarding the flight, he was sweating so much that the duct tape loosened and he went to the rest room to attempt to tighten it all. Nervous vomiting. Shaking hands pulling on the tape. Face wash and mouth rinse. Through the custom control and up the steps. Safe!

They were instructed to book into room number 21 at 'X' motel, where they would be relieved of the contraband and then given the promised money and tickets. Upon arrival at the motel, they were informed that room 21 was otherwise occupied. Shit! What to do? They decided to take any room available as they were dead tired from the flight and the nervous tension energy expended. They entered their room and all three virtually passed out as they laid down, fully clothed.

Pounding on their door awakened them from their stupor. Unlocking...unlatching, it was burst open by an enraged force. Four menacing looking guys swiftly entered, brandishing handguns. Evidently, the 'collectors,' upon finding that they were not in room 21, suspected them of attempting to steal their goods. The assumed doublecross had placed them in a most disagreeable mood! Evidently, after much pleading and showing the still taped hash, they managed to calm the situation. It had been an extremely close call!

The above, actually has no bearing really, on what I have to say. The only bearing it really has, is that my brother discovered and 'popped' LSD for the first time in Canada.

The above story and his magical, mind bending trip on the rides at Expo, were told upon his return home. He had a present for me. A tiny, pink pill wrapped in tin foil. A cap of acid! After hearing of his 10 hour trip, I scoffed at the idea that the minute, pink, "Strawberry Fields' named, pill, could do that to and for me. After all, I was the quintessential speed king. Dextens, black bombs and all of the other dexedrine compounds had been dropped, with nowhere near the effects as attributed to LSD.

About an hour had elapsed since I swallowed the cap and I asked him why nothing had happened yet. He merely laughed. I found the laugh strange. The walls of the lounge began to laugh with him. The walls began to breathe...in, out, in, out. I wondered about that and they then ceased to move. On the back of a Gemini rocket, I proceeded to leave this reality!

Words are actually ineffectual in attempting to describe a first LSD experience. Timothy Leary and even Huxley, could not come close to verbally describing the emotive experience. Imagine hearing light and seeing sound! Open the ceiling above you so as to view the stars and magnify the galaxy and then see beyond it! To see beyond one's self! The first trip, if explored for the correct reason, other than a mere recreation, is as a trailer of every movie yet to come, in the unfolding panoramic explosion of discovery. There are definitely no answers on the initial outing. There are only a multitude of unanswered questions.

A subject as vast as this is, can only be nutshelled. Unless one intends writing volumes, which I don't. Basically, I emabarked upon a mission to find myself, outside of the physical. 4th trip down the line, I had already negated myself and the universe in which I had created for myself. Discovered, understood and accepted the universal, all embracing, 360 degree, all knowing, vibrating, life force. 40 or so trips and the answer at the culmination was the same...there is no answer, because there never was anything to question in the first place. There just IS...always will be and always has been!

Finding one's self, is a case of re-remembering. In a mortal coil, we are bound and confined by the indoctrinating physical boundaries thrust upon us. The mind, spirit, soul, creator/god, has but one object to achieve while in the physical state. That is to 'see' itself in all of it's glory and magnificence, while in human form.

Mankind talks of looking for and finding God. They flock to temples of worship. Sheeple being led by the nose! Many are reborn...so they say. What finer, more grandiose revealment could there be, other than finding and realising that you are the creator, the elusive god that all have been seeking for and still seek? THAT is what reborn means! So, yes...LSD, the most powerful drug, allowed self exploration. Not for one moment, do I advocate that others use it, or any other drug. It's years since I have taken any form of drugs, (Excluding my scotch whiskey and Camel cigs.) yet, the brilliance of enlightenment has not dimmed. That is why I have termed the eternal life force...ISNESS...it just IS!

Possibly, to be continued.

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