All-Season Grilled Chicken

This is a great recipe that has grown in popularity. I received it from a neighbor, by adding some ideas to make it my own and some hard link to other write ups of Grilled Chicken that sound tasty too!*

A low fat recipe, it takes fifteen minutes to prepare and about a half hour to grill on the BBQ. Something quick and easy for those jam-packed noder meets I read about all the time. Make sure you have some red wine vinegar, garlic and salt on hand and pick up some bone-in chicken breast, chili sauce, I prefer Heinz, and whooooo wheeeeee some horseradish!

You can make this on a budget by replacing chicken thighs and legs for the breasts and grilling for about 40 minutes. Serve up with some BBQ beans, a perfectionist Avocado Salad and some crusty sour dough bread.


    1 ½ Cups Chili Sauce
    ¾ cup Red-wine vinegar
    1 ½ Tablespoons Prepared Horseradish
    2 Small Cloves Garlic, Halved
    1-Teaspoon Salt
    4 Bone-in Chicken Breasts, about 6 ounces each


Mix the chili sauce, vinegar and horseradish in a bowl and set aside half of the marinade for grilling. Add the chicken to the bowl and refrigerate for about 15 minutes.

Fire up the grill or this can be cooked in the broiler). Take the chicken out of the marinade and throw away the marinade that was in the bowl. Put the chicken on the grill or n the broiler pan. Turning often basting frequently with half of the reserved marinade. When the juices run clear the chicken is done. About 30 minutes. Warm up the remaining reserved marinade in a small saucepan, stirring occasionally. Serve hot as a sauce for the chicken.

Helpful Hints

  • Make a double batch of marinade ahead of time and freeze in recipe size portions to have on hand.
  • If you think the marinade has too much zing; leave out the horseradish substituting ketchup for the chili sauce.
  • Take the marinated chicken and cut up into nuggets for faster cooking kebabs. Add some onion, bell peppers, mushrooms or any other veggie to the skewers. Grill reducing the cooking time to half the time, 15 minutes.
  • As a last resort you can hurry up the meal by pre cooking the chicken in the microwave. Cover the chicken with plastic wrap; microwave on high for about 5 minutes.

Would you care for some dessert?

How about whipping up a Cocoa Sheath Cake.

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