During the earliest days of the American Revolution (June 15, 1775), American soldiers had sieged British held boston. They took the hill because the British planned to use it to break the siege. The Americans had ~1200 soldiers, with close to 1000 reinforcements at day break. The British bombarded the hill (actually Breeds Hill, not Bunker), with frigates in Boston Harbor. The British led ~2300 men up the hill. The Americans were low on ammo and waited until the redcoats and did not fire while the British crossed the coverless fields around the hill. The leader of the Americans, General Prescott, gave the famous command, "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes." to ensure that the MinuteMen hekd off. When the British were close, the Americans opened fire. It took 3 charges to overcome the American troops. The British took almost twice as many casualties as the Americans. Also, George Washington's troops would retake the hill the next day. Thus it is generally considered an American victory and served as a rallying call for American troops.

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