Date: 16th June, 1487

Time: 9:00am

Location: East Stoke, south of York

Factions: York vs Tudor Victor: Tudor

Troops/inventory: York - 9,000 - 10,000 men-at-arms (mainly farmers & commoners), German mercenaries, archers Tudor - 6,000 (including archers)

Injuries/fatalities of interest: York

Total slain: York - 5,000 Tudor - 3,000

Interesting bit: Francis Lovell was one of Richard Plantagenet's childhood friends. They remained close throughout Richard III's military career, and Francis was one of very few Yorkists to escape after their defeat at the Battle of Bosworth. Not surprisingly, Lovell continued to be loyal to Richard's memory and led a force against Tudor in 1487. They were not successful, and the fate of Viscount Lovell is unknown. He was not found among the fallen at the Battle of Stoke, and was never seen again after that day. Some historians conclude that he was drowned in the Trent River while trying to escape and that his body was washed away. Others maintain that a skeleton discovered in a sealed vault inside Minster Lovell many years later, actually belonged to Francis. How the skeleton came to be there remains a mystery to this day.

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