A great brand-new Game show on Comedy Central here in the states (or satellite TV).

There are four geeks, each wearing some sort of monkish robes, and behind podiums. The lighting makes them look like gods. There are three regulars:

  • The TV Geek:"I know more about 8 is enough than you know about your whole family"
  • The Movie Geek who can recall the names of four movies about track and field running in 10 seconds. Can you?
  • The Music Geek:"I have listened to every Yoko Ono recording ever...and I enjoy it."
The fourth Geek is always a guest. So far there have been a The Simpsons geek who knows every episode, and can name the episode by watching a few seconds of it. There is the Star Trek geek who has seen every episode of every Trek series. Then there was the Playboy geek, who I surmise reads a lot.

The people they play against are 3 regular people. Through the rounds the players are narrowed down to one person who faces off against a geek of their choice.

Playing is simple, the ordinary players buzz in, and the host looks to the geeks for guidance, like "I not only know of Robert DeNiro, but I can list his filmography in order of date or importance of role."

Then Joe Ordinary picks a geek to face off for a question. They get a ridiculously simple question "Ummmm...Krusty the Clown" and the geek gets something obscenely difficult, like name Krusty's long-lost daughter who appeared in one episode, as well as the voice of the actress who voiced her. Funny thing is, they know so much about their categories that you wind up gaping at the TV in shock. They give Ben Stein a real run for his money.

The prizes aren't dazzling by any means, $5000US of something sponsored. Great show to watch altogether. For comparison I'd see Win Ben Stein's Money.

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