I mean, we've worked hard tonight, we deserve it!

Jim, you had the brilliant plan of how to kill the marks without hurting the innocents on the hayride; Steven, if it wasn't for your wizardry with that old Singer sewing machine we never would have had these ginchy ninja outfits; Brian, you being able to get your hands on these katanas and .50 Desert Eagles on such short notice was a godsend; and I think I did a pretty good job rigging up that giant catapult that would shoot the wagon into the lake over the 3-D Castle of Evil Clowns.

I think we deserve some frosty ones and chicken wings before we go about cleaning up this mess. Besides, all the corpses are trapped under the wagon way out in the middle of nowhere by the spooky pond. With all this fog and the screams of the undead digging themselves out of the ground, we shouldn't have to worry about anyone finding the evidence of our little project until we submit the video tape to the networks. So come on, whaddya say? Hooters?

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