As the title suggests, my ethnicity is both black and white. My mother is a mix of Italian and Irish, my dad is black, traced by my Aunt to have originated somewhere in the Ivory Coast.

Many people (both black and white) refer to the Black Experience. Some people refer to the White Experience, I'll try to relay the Black and White Experience:

Amorphous features. Seriously, give me the right costume and accent and I could impersonate a Jew, an Arab, an African, a European, a Latino, you name it.
"Fit in" with black people without being criticized for acting like a white boy.
"Fit in" with white people without being criticzed for acting like a black guy.
Can celebrate both Kwanzaa and Christmas.
Don't get shunned from the black community for being a conservative republican.
SAT scores still get magically improved.
Black enough to be called nigger in the black-on-black sense, but not black enough to be called a nigger in the white-on-black sense.

People keep bothering you asking you what your ethnicity is
Not black enough to be a motivational speaker during black history month.
Not white enough to be a demotivational speaker during black history month.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau you don't exist.
Have no heritage to embrace.
More succeptable to both white and black centric diseases.
Can't speak ebonics without getting punched in the face.
Can't speak in a funny Italian/Irish accent without getting punched in the face.
Nobody looks like you. (could also be pro)

And that's all I can think of right now, more as it comes.

"According to the U.S. Census Bureau you don't exist."

No longer a concern with the last conducted census where multiple entries under race were permitted. This has allowed more accurate reporting on people of mixed ethnicity. The latest census has shown that, in the United States, the number of cross-ethnic marriages is raising dramaticly. Of course this fits in well with the thinking that:

We need to keep fucking till we're all the same color

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