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Belgian Hares young are born hairless with their eyes closed, like all rabbits. Contrary to what the name indicates, they are rabbits, not hares.

The show weight of an adult Belgian Hare should be between 6 and 9 lbs. The Belgian Hare is probably so- called because it looks rather a lot like a hare. The body should be long and lean, with firm flesh. The back should form one continuous curve from the neck to the tail, and the ears should be carried erect. They are fine-boned with powerful legs, and they move very gracefully, carrying their bodies well above the ground they're moving over.

They come in only one color, "red", I think of it as a ruddy brown.

They often produce large litters, between 5 and 12 kits to a litter. Gestation is between 28-34 days. (This is true of basically all rabbit breeds)

Belgian Hares are not recomended as pets for children because they are such a specialty breed, large and powerful. They typically have a nervous disposition, and are easily excited.

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