I will try to tell about the the different members of the Belgian royal family. I am not a royalist, but I will try to explain the opinions of the common Belgians in a few lines. Disclaimer : no one in Belgium expect them would want to call their kids Baudouin, Leopold, which are premedieval stupid names.

King Albert II, named after his heroic grandfather King Albert I, is know to be perfectly uninteresting. He cannot speak without a government member to countersign his sayings so his opinions can't be deeper than "happy xmas", "hate is bad" or "love each other". He is said to like american motorbikes, and to have parkinson's disease. He had multiple affairs back in the 60s, and is said to have at least one bastard child, Delphine Boël. Boël being the name of the billionaire who married the mother to cover his pal Al.

Queen Paola, from Italian origins, is particularly disliked by the flemish population, because she doesn't speak a word in Dutch. She also had affairs in the 60s and prince Laurent is supposed to be the son of an Italian businessman, who eventually also fucked the grandmother of a friend of mine, also called Laurent.

Prince Philippe, heir to the throne, is known to be a very quiet guy, and to be no very bright. He didn't seem to locate his dick until he was 39 and he married Mathilde d'Udekem d'Acoz. He once said paratroopers were the nation's elite. He was uncle King Baudouin's spiritual child, and was by most expected to follow him, altough this had no constitutional ground.

Princess Astrid, called after her grandmother Queen Astrid, shares a characteristic with uncle King Baudouin/Boudewijn : she is ultracatholic, married to an Habsburg who is a member of the opus dei. She has produced four kids so far. The daughter is particularly UGLY. in the early 1990s the constitution was changed in order to allow women to become ruling Queens. This was done under influence of King Baudouin who wanted to avoid that a bastard like Prince Laurent ever could become King

Prince Laurent is the funniest guy in the family : he speeds on the highways, fucks Bekende Vlamingen like Wendy Van Wanten, and cares for animals through his Prince Laurent Foundation. As a bastard he is the only one not to get money from the tax payer. Princess Mathilde d'Udekem d'Acoz was introduced when Belgium's international image was very low because of the Dutroux paedophilia scandal and the dioxine scandal. She was definitely marketed a a new Lady Di and it seems to work a little, now the international press only wants to talk about her, and beatiful and simple (errr) she is, and forget the scandals Belgium was known for. She has one and only one function : produce a heir to the throne

Died : King Baudouin (Boudewijn) was too young when he became king, and was too much influenced by the church. His wife, Fabiola de Mora y Aragon, was known to be more catholic than the Spanish Inquisition and the pope together. In april 1990, Baudouin, who couldn't get kids -part because Fabiola was sterile, part because fucking is a sin, mostly because he was more a representative of the church than one of the people- refused to sign the law that authorized therapeutic abortion. The government made a constitutional stunt to avoid proclaiming the Belgian Republic and he remained King till his death in 1993.

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