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Ben's Stereo Building Conglomerate (BSBC) began in 1998 as a source frustration for the founding fathers. A lack of budget, drive, initiative and creative ideas hampered growth from inception to the present day.

BSBC quickly became the company most likely to confuse and annoy anywhere in the known square mile. Sales went through the roof and competition mysteriously evaporated. Within just 4 short years every home in the greater Met Area did not have a BSBC product.

Without future seed investment BSBC quickly went from strength to strength. In 2001 BSBC featured as a Fortune 500 company based on good old fashioned, home town values mixed with a high octane combination of MBA magic and management doublespeak. A C2C business model ensured that the power to really move the dial was never transferred to the customer.

Outstanding investor lack of confidence eventually injected badly needed cash and closed down the production line for last year's model. This resulted in a Quarter on Quarter increase in gross merchandise sales of over 42%. By 2075 BSBC is expected to show a positive bottom line rewarding day traders with good long term yields.

BSBC is defintely one to watch and should be included in any self respecting investor's portfolio.

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