The Benevolent Order of Armadillos or the BOA, is a web-based society concerned with promoting benevolence and good will to mankind and armadillos. They do this by recruiting members in a small page located off of their main page . Founded on April 8th 1997 the order has many members, (nearly 1000 in all) including, so they’d like to believe, George Dubya Bush.

The armadillo represents all the society stands for, in fact, according to ancient legend the armadillo stands for “rolling with the punches”. The society believes this is a good way to live, i.e. not letting anything get to you, always carrying on with life regardless of war, famine, disease or even an unscrupulous driver on a public highway. And armadillo still crosses the road even if danger is present, why shouldn’t you?

When you sign up you have the honour of having your name added to the members list (I am at number 984), your web site linked to, a membership certificate that you can print out and the privilege of being allowed to include their very cool logo on your own personal site. The order does not discriminate against anyone for any reason. This is with the exception of Bill Clinton, who was removed from the order at the end of his presidency. There is no cost to join and no obligations after doing so.

The logo consists of a gold or silver armadillo surrounded by the words “Benevolent Order Of Armadillos” written in green or blue. Needless to say it looks very cool.

Given their benevolence to all the BOA allows even non-members access to it’s main site, where you can participate in armadillo related games (including the very addictive one where you have to get the armadillo, chicken or squirrel across the road without it being ran over and turning into a splat of red gloop) or read interesting armadillo facts, or even chat about armadillos with other BOA-members/associates/people-who-can’t-spell-dildo-and-don’t-know-why-they’re-there.

Update - 27/04/12 - upsettingly it appears Dilloscape has closed. The order still lives however

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