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Back when I was in college, my roommate used to bring Powerade bottles back from basketball practice. This same roommate also had a habit of taking showers that lasted close to an hour. Because an hour is a long time to wait to pee if the bathroom has been locked, and because we had a number of empty Powerade bottles lying around, we put two and two together and started using the Powerade bottles as temporary urine receptacles.

The funny thing was... a Powerade bottle filled with urine looks exactly like a regular old Lemon-Lime Powerade (except that it's a little warmer, and has more bubbles). So it became a running joke... we started storing them in the refridgerator alongside the standard Lemon-Lime versions and offering them to each other. Or someone would drink a normal one in order to trick someone else into drinking a "polluted" one. The only way to tell the difference was to read the flavor label on the bottle, but eventually, any golden-colored Powerade found was summarily thrown out the sixth-floor window into oncoming traffic, regardless of which party had introduced it into our dorm room, so as to avoid any unfortunate mixups. And with each airborne dismissal of a Powerade projectile came the warning: "Beware the Golden Powerade".

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