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This song went through a couple of name changes before finally being named Big Dumb Rocket. Originally it was called Spidergun, and then the name was changed to Disgusted.

The story behind the song is one of the most interesting things about it. Rather than paraphrase (and do it poorly), I'll give you Raine Maida's own words from the intro to this song at Edgefest:

"We were at friend's house and this one person had a really cool looking gun. He told me it's a Beretta. It's like a handgun, a real gun, right? So my friend decides to take a shower. So I take the gun and play with it. I used to be this super huge Starsky and Hutch fan. So I'm holding the gun thinking I'm pretty cool, I guess. I take the clip out because I don't want to hurt anyone, obviously. So I put the clip back in the box thinking I'm fine. I go to his bathroom and sneak behind this corner and I can see him with my left eye. I decide that I'm gonna scare him. So when he shut off the shower, I come around and I say, 'BANG!!!' and he falls on the shower floor, very scared. He's laughing and crying. I just pointed his Beretta on him (my best friend). He said, "Do you know that a Beretta has 13 bullets, and there's a bullet still in the chamber?"

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