Australians have an unhealthy obsession with 'big things'. Well that's what you would think if you took a look at all the 'big things' that have been built as tourist attractions around the country. We seem to have a lot of big things per capita. Bill Bryson also noticed the large number of big things we have. The usual theme is:
  1. a big thing (usually a primary product of some sort),
  2. surrounded by the production (usually a big farm) and processing plant for the big thing (that you can have a tour of for a 'small' fee - *cough*)
  3. and finally a series of big thing shops that sells small replica's of the big thing, small rocks that have eyes glued onto them and coconut shells that have been fashioned into musical instruments, dancing bird like animals and kitchen utensils.
  4. a family restaurant that sells big dishes that are also small replicas of the big thing (and use the big thing as the main ingredient). These can also be had for a small fee - *cough*, and are so very fresh
  5. and finally leech on activities such as photographs of the whole family and a baby animal zoo complete with the unseen baby animal slaughtering facility that feeds back into the family restaurant.

I leave it to the many Australians who have had their parents drive them to these outstanding locations to write small informative nodes about the delightful experiences they've had.


New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia

West Australia


  • Nothing at all big here


I'm wondering why we don't have any big kangaroos or big koalas.

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