a band who were not

  • the (exclusive) founders of riot grrrl
  • the first people to spell "your" or "you're" as "yr"
  • spokespeople for anyone

but who were

  • occasionally produced by Joan Jet
  • as good as anyone made them out to be, at least until they learned to play their instruments
  • also in the go team

Bikini Kill was a riot grrrl band responsible for such stirring commands as Suck My Left One! It broke up in April 1998, but their trademark hysterical screaming vocals, inspired angry lyrics and straightforward musical kick (some would call it incompetence) still utterly rock. The band members often alternated who played which instrument. Many of their songs are about a new, domineering female sexuality, a proud, untirely uncoy slutiness that wanted sex, and went out to get it.


Former stripper Kathleen Hanna- vocals, etc. Was responsible for the title of Nirvana's Smells like Teen Spirit. Toured as Juli Ruin and now leads the band Le Tigre.

The remaining three members of Bikini Kill now comprise the Frumpies-

Kathi Wilcox- bass, etc.
Billy Karren- guitar, etc.
Tobi Vail- drums

Bikini Kill were on the Kill Rock Stars label. Most of their ouvre is available on vinyl.


1992- Bikini Kill
1994- Pussywhipped
1996- Reject All American

7 inches:

New Radio
The Anti-Pleasure Dissertaion
I Like Fucking/I Hate Danger
The Peel Sessions


Revolution Girl Style Now (demo cassette)
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (split album with Huggy Bear)

There's a new Bikini Kill derived band floating around the Cornell campus, called Tankini. They cover Rebel Girl and Suck My Left One, and have one OK song about picking up boys at the bowling alley, but... they suck.

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